Slackware Approaches Stable 12.2 Release

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 03, 2008

Linux Weekly News directs readers to a Slackware Linux list post detailing the package versions and included components for the upcoming Slackware 12.2 release. The major components (such as X, and the kernel) are now frozen, and most of the remaining changes are smaller adjustments and documentation updates.

Since this release is incremental, the Slackware developers focused on maintaining backward compatibility without sacrificing stability. This is why the team decided to forego the new X server and merging KDE4, and wait to implement these updates in the 13.0 release.

Slackware is well known for its conservative approach in choosing included packages. For many, this is what makes Slackware Slackware. Including packages that are tested and well-integrated is a major reason why Slackware remains a popular option for specialized workstations and desktops, as well as servers.

For those who enjoy the Slackware's structure and philosophy, but would like a more generalized desktop configuration, the Slackware based distributions (Zenwalk and Vector Linux) are good alternatives.