Slackware Live 0.5.1, 1.0 on Its Way

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 09, 2016

Eric "AlienBob" Hameleers announced Slackware Live Edition 0.5.1 Saturday based on the latest Slackware 14.2 Beta. Hameleers said his livestak is "mostly complete at this point" but still lacks sufficient documentation. That's the goal for stable 1.0. For folks looking for a distro "well equipped to keep systemd out of our distro for a while" but still boots UEFI machines, perhaps Slack Live is the answer. It comes in Slackware default, Xfce, Plasma, and MATE versions, so why not book 'er up?

The latest ISOs are available on several mirrors here and there, see AlienBob's Saturday post for those locations. The images can be run from a DVD or USB, the instructions are in that same post. Persistent home is also an option. I chose the Plasma version for 64-bit and burnt it to DVD. It booted a Linux 4.4.1 SMP kernel into Plasma 5.5.4 with no problems using nouveau graphic drivers.

The menu contained a mix of KDE, generic, and Xfce applications. Favorites Firefox 44, Chromium 48, LibreOffice, and GIMP 2.8.16 were among the many others in the menu. Lots of utilities were included as well along with games, media, productivity, and server tools.

Slackware Live Edition 0.5.1 featuring KDE Plasma 5.5.4

It seems to be shaping up quite nicely although I just gave it a quick run through. I'm quite anxious to test stable 1.0 when it gets here. Now if we can get him to add a hard drive installer...