Solus Reviewed, Arch Still Ahead, & Reasons to Switch

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 12, 2016

Today in Linux news, two Solus reviews found issues with the newly stable 1.0. FOSS Force's Best Desktop Distro poll finds Arch still leading the pack and Derrik Diener posted 8 reasons to switch from Windows 10 to Linux. A couple of Tumbleweed posts catch us up while Clem Lefebvre officially releases Mint 17.3 KDE and Xfce.

FOSS Force began a two-part poll trying to determine the Best Distro of 2015 last weekend and Arch won the first round. Fedora came in second and Debian third. The second part began a couple of days ago and, again, Arch is in the lead with 24.1% of the current tally. Elementary OS is currently second with 14.3% of the vote and Mint is third with 11%. This second part took winners from the first poll and worded the question a bit differently. So, go vote for the distribution you think should be crowned the Best Distro of 2015.

In another 'best Linux for newcomers' post today Matt Hartley dubbed Ubuntu Mate with that distinction saying, "Folks coming to Ubuntu MATE will likely enjoy its straightforward layout, easy customizations and the fact it just works. The biggest benefit is perhaps the Welcome feature. This provides users with immediate access to help, software suggestions and a tour of what Ubuntu MATE has to offer." He also suggested PCLinuxOS and Linux Mint, but didn't recommended Ubuntu, Fedora, or Arch.

Derrik Diener today attempted to convince Windows 10 users that they'd be better off with Linux due, first, to low or no initial investment. He added free software, better security, and hardware flexibility to the list as well. But see the full post for all eight.

In other news:

* Linux Mint 17.3 Xfce and and KDE released!

* Investigating Solus 1.0, Solus Stability

* Tumbleweed – Week 2016/1, Tumbleweed install for January 2016

* Linus: Linux 4.4, Rejoice, Penguinistas

* Matt Asay: Open source licensing needs to grow up already