SolusOS 1.2 Arrives, Updates Eveline

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 18, 2012

SolusOS is a newish distribution that has been getting some real good reviews since its inception. A new update was released today to update the current 1.x "Eveline" stable release. I thought it was about time to take this newcomer for a spin.

SolusOS is designed to be a new user-friendly desktop distribution. It's based on Debian stable and features GNOME 2 as its main desktop interface. It ships as a live image that includes a nice starter set of easy-to-use applications.

Today's release features lots of bug fixes and updates. The release announcement said, "This release brings better printer, GPU and Bluetooth support." The software versions include "Firefox 14.0.1, Thunderbird 14.0, LibreOffice 3.6.0, Linux kernel 3.3.6, iptables 1.4.8, ufw 0.31.1, hplip 3.12, GNOME 2.30."

The announcement also said, "Many new applications are available in the software repository. The main reason for an updated ISO image is so that users do not have to download hundreds of megabytes in updates."

One known issue involves onboard NVIDIA chips. That "black screen on boot" will be addressed with a "legacy respin" featuring a 3.0 Linux kernel. Another caveat reminds users not to exit the FirstRunWizard until after you see the reboot prompt; otherwise your devices may not be properly configured and your system may not boot. Be sure to check the full announcement for other important details.

SolusOS Downloads.