Soundbytes Continue from OpenStack Summit

by Ostatic Staff - May. 13, 2014

The news continues to flow out of the OpenStack Summit conference going on in Atlanta. We've covered developments from Mirantis and Red Hat, but Intel, Rackspace and others are also making headlines. Here are some of the notable soundbytes from the conference so far.

As noted on The Register,  Troy Toman of Rackspace delivered a keynote address at OpenStack Summit, where he said: "We have a lot to celebrate as the rebel alliance. We may not be facing the Death Star, but we're far from being able to declare victory on what we're trying to do here. We really just earned the right to compete, and we know some large proprietary cloud vendors won the right to too. This is really a vision that is much bigger than one single cloud that battles it out feature by feature with everybody else."

Meanwhile, ZDNet has covered comments from Jonathon Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation. "We're living in a software-defined economy," said Bryce. "Every company competes with a start-up. The barrier of entry is now very low. The technology shift of development to open source and the Internet has made it very cheap to build new software and this, in turn, is increasing the velocity of money." In short, "Any organization's ability to do great things with software is arguably its core competence, no matter the industry, vertical, or category." 

Internap is also touting its AgileCLOUD product this week. As noted on Forbes, "AgileCLOUD exposes the native OpenStack API and gives both bare-metal and virtualized offerings. The value prop that Internap are pushing here is the ability for AgileCLOUD customers to create a hybrid infrastructure all powered by Internap colocation and hosting infrastructure – all monitored and managed via a consistent portal."

Meanwhile, eWeek has a good story up on Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth demonstrating OpenStack running on Linux. In the story, he notes that 70 percent of OpenStack deployments run on Linux.

"Nearly 70 percent of OpenStack public clouds run on Ubuntu," Shuttleworth said. - See more at: course, some of the biggest news out of OpenStack Summit has surrounded the delivery of new open tools.  Red Hat has has announced that it is open sourcing ManageIQ, a cloud management program that has been built into Red Hat's CloudForms platform.

And, Mirantis' is a very interesting new tool for those using OpenStack or considering deploying it. It's a dashboard that can give users information about which infrastructure tools are interoperable with OpenStack. Stackalytics leverages the DriverLog open source initiative that is kept up by the OpenStack community.

OStatic will follow up with more announcemens from OpenStack Summit this week. Stay tuned.