SourceForge's Community Choice Awards: Winners Named

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 25, 2008

We covered the SourceForge Community Choice Awards announcement in early July, and now the winners have been named. This marks the first year when SourceForge's awards for the best open source projects have been open to all open source projects. OpenOffice is far and away the big winner, but I was pleased to see some lesser known projects get recognition, too. Here are the winners.

  •     Best Project:
  •     Best Project for the Enterprise:
  •     Best Project for Education:
  •     Most Likely to Be the Next $1B Acquisition: phpMyAdmin
  •     Best Project for Multimedia: VLC
  •     Best Project for Gamers: XBMC
  •     Most Likely to Change the World: Linux
  •     Best New Project: Magento
  •     Most Likely to Be Accused of Patent Violation: WINE
  •     Most Likely to Get Users Sued: eMule
  •     Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins: phpMyAdmin
  •     Best Tool or Utility for Developers: Notepad++

I've always been a big fan of utility software and collect useful utilities, so I was pleased to see Notepad++ get a win here. It's a combination of a useful text editor that can replace things like Windows Notepad and a very capable source code editor.

I was really rooting for Moodle to win in the Education category (it was a finalist), and I'm not sure we need to see OpenOffice win its third of these awards here, but, hey, the winners were voted on by the community.