SparkleShare Shaping Up to be Slick FOSS Alternative to Dropbox

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 06, 2010

If you love Dropbox for easy file sharing across computers but are longing for something free and open source, you're wish is closer to be granted. The team of developers behind the GNU GPLv3-licensed SparkleShare released a beta version of its new app and it's shaping up to be pretty slick.

Though still in its infancy, baby SparkeShare already has some key features you'd want in a file-sharing app. Built-in version control keeps a record of changes made to each file and makes revisions a snap in case of mistakes. Since users host the app on their own servers, the number of files you manage or collaborators you assign to projects are limited only by the size of your disk drive.

App maintainer Hylke Bons says, "Aside from the usual bug fixes and behind the scenes work I mainly added features that increase productivity in the event logs. Not only does it look a lot prettier, each entry in an event log now has a clickable link for easy access to files. It refreshes automatically on new events as well. The Nautilus plugin now has the 'Copy Web Link' context menu item, which makes sharing links a whole lot easier."

Check out the documentation to learn more about SparkleShare, then pick up the free download and check it out for yourself. To keep up on project development, follow the team on Twitter and keep an eye on the wiki.