Spicebird a Great Desktop Alternative to iGoogle

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 03, 2010

The concept behind iGoogle's dashboard layout appeals to a lot of people because it integrates email, instant messaging, calendars, and more in one spot. Not everyone can or wants to use Web-based productivity tools, however. If you fall into that category, have a look at Spicebird, an open source email and collaboration tool based on the Mozilla platform.

Spicebird runs on Linux and Windows and connects to a standards-based email server. A handful of plugins support foreign language dictionaries, Firefox Personas, and allow users to associate photos with contacts. It's integrated with Windows search and offers access to Web services like Google Maps without leaving the application.

Spicebird's home screen sports modules for email, calendars, Web apps, and more.

The Mail tab includes all the features of Thunderbird 3.0, like a tri-pane layout, POP mail support, and loads of email tools.

The Calendar tab supports multiple calendaring, drag and drop, and multiweek viewing.

Spicebird includes full email filter and sort functionality.

Dress up your dashboard with Firefox Personas.