Sponsor Post: Increase Revenue From Web 2.0 Services By Leveraging A Partner Ecosystem

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 21, 2010

Isn’t it great how all you have to think about when it comes to powering your devices is to plug them into the wall? Neither the customer nor device manufacturer concern themselves with the intricacies of the power grid. With the seamless delivery and standardization of AC power, a flood of electronic devices has flourished across all industries. Wouldn’t it be great if Web 2.0 services could thrive this way as well?

Alcatel-Lucent is addressing this very issue with the ng Connect Program, a research and development environment that fosters cross-industry collaboration among service providers, device manufacturers, and application and content developers.

To create a lucrative environment for all participants, the ng Connect Program addresses the following:

Connectivity - Tackle key issues to early adoption of next-generation technologies such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Mobile Evolution Transport Architecture (META).

Distribution - Improve access through adoption of standards.

Digital Media Management – Help applications and content work seamlessly across multiple devices while maintaining unified security (e.g., offering Digital Rights Management (DRM)).

Quality of Service (QoS) – Maintain connectivity and bandwidth as it’s bouncing on and off any network, IP or non-IP.

Application and service integration – Speed up the process for application development, approval and launch on mobile platforms.

Business Models – Break down rigid pricing and barriers to entry while opening up new revenue streams, such as monetizing assets through third-party partnerships.

For the latest developments, read the ng Connect Program blog.

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