SUSE Parent Merger, Microsoft Copying Linux, and Predictions

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 16, 2014

Today in Linux news SUSE owner, The Attachmate Group, announced a merger with Micro Focus leaving openSUSE users nervous. The Register says the new Microsoft Windows 9 is incorporating features long in use in Linux. Bryan Lunduke looked back at 23 years of Linux predictions to "make fun of them." Aaron Seigo, KDE developer, said recently that community managers are a "fraud and farce." And finally today, there is a release candidate for Fedora 21 Alpha!

Our top story tonight is the news that Novell parent company The Attachmate Group, which acquired Novell in 2011, will be merging with Micro Focus as of November 3, 2014. The announcement doesn't say much more, other than this merger will help both entities reach a wider audience and more financial stability, leaving openSUSE users left wondering if their chosen distribution will still be around next year. So Richard Brown, Chairman of openSUSE Project Board, released a statement to alleviate any fears. He said Nils Brauckmann, SUSE President and General Manager, said first and foremost it will "business as usual" for openSUSE and that no changes are planned for either SUSE or openSUSE. Brauckmann said The Attachmate Group and Micro Focus are committed to openSUSE and Open Source software.

As Linux celebrates 23 years, Bryan Lunduke looks back at some of the predictions to have come and gone over the years. His first example was Andrew Tanenbaum declaration that "Linux is obsolete." Then he remembered when Trae McCombs predicted in 1999 that Linux would put Microsoft and Apple out of business. Of course, his article wouldn't be complete without a discussion on the "Year of Linux Desktop."

Adam Williamson, Fedora Code and QA Monkey, today pointed to the announcement of Fedora 21 Alpha Release Candidate 1. This is good news for Fedora fans and may indicate no delay at this week's GO/NO Go Meeting.

In other news, The Register is reporting that leaked images of upcoming Windows 9 appears to have borrowed some inspiration, if not actual features, from Ubuntu and GNOME. Apparently, the feature is "multiple desktops" and looks a lot like "workspaces." caught KDE developer Aaron Seigo's Google+ post saying, 'The "community manager" role that is increasingly common in the free software world is a fraud and a farce.' He's received 68 comments so far. today posted an article titled Windows vs Linux: Which OS is best for your business?

Libby Clark has a nice article/interview on Qubes: The Open Source OS Built for Security.

And finally, here is Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 383, and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols takes an early look at Ubuntu 14.10.