Takeaways and Study Materials from the Open Source Business Conference

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 26, 2009

Matt Asay, who chaired this week's Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco has a good post up with some links to good material from the event. Dries Buytaert gave a great presentation on open source community building and it's now online, the 451 Group collected some very provocative quotes from thought leaders, and more. Here are a few of the eye-catching missives Matt points to from OSBC, plus some of our own posts related to the event.

Dries Buytaert's Rules. Drupal founder and Acquia co-founder Dries Buytaert has posted a presentation on community building titled "The secrets of building and participating in open source communities." It's a very large, graphical PDF file, so give it a minute to download. I enjoyed his citation of Matt Asay's quote, “among the most significant open source projects not a single one was born in Silicon Valley.” There's a lot more interesting stuff in the presentation. Also check out Dries' blog post about the conference.

Notes from the Field. Matt Aslett at The 451 Group put together a post called "Things I wrote down during OSBC." He's got a number of choice quotes captured, including these: “If we have a better product, and it happens to be open source, we’re going to win, but it has to be in that order.” --Michael Skok (North Bridge Venture Partners). "In five years 100% of software will contain open source." --John Lilly (Mozilla). “Our biggest competitor is not Microsoft, it’s not Novell, it’s people stopping paying us for support”. --Jim Whitehurst (Red Hat). “Open source development communities are always a bit broken...dysfunction is normal.” --Dries Buytaert (Drupal, Acquia)

Survey Says. Results for North Bridge Venture Partners' 2009 Future of Open Source survey were discussed at the conference. Here are some of the highlights, and our thoughts.

Essays on the Future. We ran a series of posts on the future of open source over the several weeks preceding OSBC. The posts were guest columns from many open source movers and shakers, culminating with this one from Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz. Above his column, you'll find links to all the other posts.