TDF Releases Getting Started Guide for LibreOffice 3.4

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 23, 2012

Getting Started with was a handy user guide chocked full of information on the care and feeding of the Open Source office suite. But like the suite itself, it has been superseded by the efforts of The Document Foundation. With updates, rewrites, and the addition of illustrations and images for 3.4, reading up on the popular application is easier than ever.

Today the Documentation Team announced the release of the latest update for Getting Started with LibreOffice. It's available as a PDF or ODT document download, either by chapter or full book. For those interested in a print edition, they are available as well from for the sale price of $19.56.

The version for 3.4 is an improvement over 3.3 with all the new and updated images, tables, and graphs.  For example, note the difference between a section of 3.3 and 3.4 in the images below.  The information included isn't suited just for new users, there's a lot for intermediate and advanced users too throughout the guide.  Besides an introduction to LibreOffice, it serves as a handy reference tool as well. Every user should have a copy on their drive or bookshelf.


Download the guide at The Document Foundation Wiki or purchase a hard copy from