Ten Bookmark Plugins for Firefox and Camino

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 14, 2008

If you spend any length of time on the Internet, then you know how helpful a broswer's bookmarking feature can be. If, like many of us, you practically live on the Internet, you know bookmarks are essential. Firefox 3's revised bookmark system is great, but if you still need more than it offers, you've got plenty of other options.

 Foxmarks has lots of fans, and with good reason. If you use different computers throughout the day, it's indispensible for keeping your bookmarks synced, and works on any platform. You can also access your bookmarks from any Web browser without installing the plugin, making it a great solution when you're apt to borrow other people's computers. Of course, if it's Web-based bookmarking you're after, you can't do better than del.icio.us.

 For more bookmark plugin action on Firefox, try Maholo Share, a nice departure from the the typical Wikipedia- type options. Scrapbook is a simplified way to organize bookmarks, while Read It Later helps you segregate sites you plan to only visit once.

 Bloggers will want to check out Clipmarks, a plugin that let's you snip sections of Web sites and post them to directly to your blog or save them as bookmarks. If you regularly link to other sites when you blog, use Annotate Any Webpage to leave comments directly on a Web site, then file the link in your bookmarks.

 If you use Camino, the open source broswer for the Mac, you don't have as many bookmark plugin options as Firefox users, but there are still some good ones to choose from. In addition to a few handy bookmarklets, you can also access your bookmarks through Quicksilver or send URLs to del.icio.us via a Pukka plugin.