Ten New Members Join the AllSeen Alliance, Focus on IoT

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 16, 2015

The AllSeen Alliance, a cross-industry collaboration to advance the Internet of Everything (IoT) through an open source software project, today announced 10 new members are joining the initiative. Through collaborative development, Alliance members are looking to leverage their broad industry expertise to advance a common platform for devices, services and applications within the Internet of Everything. Back in February, we interviewed the Alliance's senior director of IoT, Philip DesAutels (shown), who said, “We are building out an open source software project that delivers code that will help people build interoperable tools and devices.”

The new Alliance members will help keep open standards and open source functioning as glue as the Internet of Things evolves.

The Alliance’s new members include one of the largest telecommunications providers in the United States, global providers of security systems, and startups in the Internet of Things (IoT). "Though their expertise is spread across a broad stroke of verticals, these companies unite to advance AllJoyn as the common, open source framework for IoT," says the announcement. "They commit to taking a community and code driven approach to unlocking a future with seamless and ubiquitous connectivity."

The AllSeen Alliance is very focused on the AllJoyn framework, which has already found its way into devices and applications. “We are building out an open source software project that delivers code that will help people build interoperable tools and devices,” said DesAutels, in our interview. “That is fundamental, and our software is downloadable today, and in production. There are many tools and devices that have AllJoyn today, and it helps ensure that everything works together.”

The new Alliance members include:

  • anyractive is a combination of ‘any’ and ‘interactive’ which means any device, any person can be connected to each other through communication in an interactive way.
  • CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States and a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprise customers.
  • Encored Technologies is a startup that develops innovative and disruptive technologies to make new ecosystem called “ENERTALK”.
  • Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Chinese DMS company (Design, Module, Service), which focuses on NAND flash and wireless connection applications for software and hardware products, and globally applicable innovative technology products.
  • Viva Labs is a turnkey smart home solution. The Viva software platform is built to help partners in the broadband and utility industries quickly and easily start selling a smart home solution under their own brand.
  • DigiCert is a global provider of high-assurance digital certificates for identity authentication and enterprise data encryption. DigiCert collaborates across multiple industries to enhance online trust and IoT security. DigiCert’s innovative certificate management platform enables enterprises to consolidate and streamline certificate monitoring, SSL deployment, vulnerability inspection, and PKI management.
  • Homeboy is a simple security system built for the smart home. The Homeboy system features the world’s first wire-free, long-life, Wi-Fi camera paired with intuitive mobile apps and an open platform that communicates with other smart home services and devices.
  • Sansa Security is a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) security platform. Sansa provides a unified and scalable solution across both IoT and mobile for everything from jet engines to light bulbs. Its products and services address all security aspects from the silicon chipset to the provisioning of secrets via the cloud.
  • DeviceHive is an open source framework connecting proximal devices, appliances and sensors to the cloud. With scalable cloud environment it allows prototyping of connected solutions mashing up AllJoyn, Bluetooth Low Energy and other proximal devices and making them available as cloud services. With the same set of software and tools you can move from prototype into production.
  • TTA is a non-government and non-profit organization for ICT standardization, testing and certification services that seeks out and establishes new standards for the ICT industry and provides world-class one-stop testing and certification services for ICT products.

“These new members are huge assets to the Alliance’s brain trust. As our scope and expertise broadens in this community, AllJoyn becomes a more rich, robust and highly scalable platform for IoT,” said DesAutels.

In our interview, he added:

“In five years, I think all of this will be around us everywhere, in everything. Predictions that were made three and four years ago have already come true in terms of the ubiquity of bandwidth, connectivity, the availability of radios, and more. We are going to have a lot of power to orchestrate the experiences that we want. The next phase is going to be the really transformational phase. Systems around you will have a whole lot more information. They’ll be able to deliver a lot more value.”