Tesora Delivers OpenStack Database-as-a-Service for Enterprises

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 19, 2014

As the OpenStack cloud computing arena grows, a whole ecosystem of tools is growing along with it. Tesora, the leading contributor to the OpenStack Trove open source project, is out this week with what it is billing as the first enterprise-ready, commercial implementation of OpenStack Trove database as a service (DBaaS). Tesora also recently announced that it has open sourced its Tesora Database Virtualization Engine, and now is also offering the Tesora OpenStack Trove Database Certification Program. 

Many enterprises are seeking to leverage Trove as they put applications in the cloud. However, databases can be resource intensive, and many don't work well in cloud environments, so there is much scrutiny of the development of Trove for high-availability OpenStack deployments.

Tesora DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition is targeted at simplifying simplifying installation and configuration of Trove, adding automated replication for high-availability production workloads, along with new management features that expose more capabilities of the underlying databases. 

"With the Tesora Community Edition we made Trove easier for users and now with our Enterprise Edition we're making it more robust. We believe that this will pave the way for broader adoption of database as a service using OpenStack Trove by making it simpler to get up and running with new enterprise features and a higher level of support," said Amrith Kumar, CTO and founder of Tesora, as well as the most recent addition to the Trove Core Team, in a statement. "We're removing another roadblock to the usage of OpenStack Trove." 

  Features in Tesora's Enterprise Edition include:

- Installers and configuration scripts for leading OpenStack distributions for easier setup

- Pre-configured and optimized Trove datastore images for supported technologies means less time setting up and tuning database performance

- Options for both full and incremental database backup, plus replication for production applications

- Extensive testing and certification with a wide range of popular databases

- 24/7 support with enterprise service level agreements, along with frequent maintenance release and bug fixes that resolve problems quickly, plus detailed documentation by a team that really understand databases, OpenStack and Trove

More information on Tesora Enterprise Edition is available here.

Tesora DBaaS Community Edition is also available as an open source download.

According to Tesora's recent announcement of its Trove certification program:

"The Certification Program eliminates the headache of enterprises having to test integration on their own while reducing implementation time and saving money."

"Initially, certification and support includes the following databases: MongoDB, MySQL Community Edition, Percona Server, MariaDB, Redis and Cassandra, with work on Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL underway. In addition to database certification, the program also ensures that the Trove-based Tesora DBaaS Platform installs, configures and operates properly with popular OpenStack distributions. At the outset, Tesora is certifying OpenStack releases from Red Hat, Canonical and from the OpenStack Foundation."