Test Your Linux Savvy

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 07, 2015

Our top story on this bit of a slow new day is the closing of one of our Linux blogs. In other news Phoronix.com has noted the latest Fedora changes and Jon Gold has posted a name-the-distro quiz. And finally today, Intel showed off a new computer-on-a-stick at CES that comes in a Linux version.

The Linux Advocates is closing its doors effective today. Owner/blogger Dietrich Schmitz has been writing about his Linux and Open Source software experiences and opinions for a few years now and will be missed. If you'll recall, Schmitz was especially fond of Fedora having more than once said it was the best and most secure distro available. In his short announcement today Schmitz said Linux Advocates "started out fun but turned into something else." He says it's a big ole world out there and he's off to explore it.

Speaking of Fedora, Phoronix.com today posted of the steering committees latest approvals. These include a new console font more friendly to developers, Ruby 2.2, GCH 7.8, and require hardening of all packages with position-independent code. The release schedule remains as previously reported with Final release planned for May 19, 2015.

Jon Gold today posted a quiz to "test your knowledge of desktop Linux." He asked 15 question to challenge your Linux savvy. Which "snappy distro is heavily supported by Red Hat?" Did you know PCLinuxOS was designed "to mimic a certain Microsoft-created OS?" Which distro requires you "to carry your own canoe and read the fine manual?" What is the distro that is much prettier than the root for which it's named? Go test your Linux distro chops.

In other news:

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