The Age of Docker is Upon Us

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 11, 2016

With Container Summit going on in New York this week, there is a lot of news related to Docker, Kubernetes and various container technology star players. Datawise announced that it has made some key contirubtions to advance Kubernetes, a tool Google developed and used to make containerization more useful by making it possible to manage containerized applications.

Docker 1.10 has also arrived, with a strong focus on security, and there is much talk going on about whether Docker will stay loyal to Ubuntu Linux.

According to PC World:

"Docker has long relied on Ubuntu Linux as the default host environment for Docker apps, but comments from the company's CTO recently suggest that might not be the case much longer."

"We have hired Natanael Copa, the awesome creator of Alpine Linux, and are in the process of switching the Docker official image library from Ubuntu to Alpine," a user named shykes wrote in a Hacker News thread 10 days ago.

 Docker officials have since confirmed, though, that they are "expanding" options, not abandoning Ubuntu.

You can find out about the many security additions in the new version of Docker here

Meanwhile, Docker leaders have said that members of its community have performed 2 billion downloads since 2013, a quadrupling of the total just a year ago.

The numbers come from the Docker Hub, which has 400,000 registered members.

Rightscale’s State of the Cloud Report stated this week that Docker use was spreading “like wildfire, especially in the enterprise.” I covered the 2016 State of the Cloud Report, which is always one of the more definitive barometers for the state of cloud computing. It included the following regarding container plans and practices at enterprises: "Overall DevOps adoption rises from 66 to 74 percent, with enterprises reaching 81 percent. Overall Docker adoption more than doubles to 27 percent vs. 13 percent in 2015; and another 35 percent have plans to use Docker."