The Document Foundation Released 2015 LibreOffice Report

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 12, 2016

The Document Foundation today released its annual accounting report highlighting accomplishments for the year. "TDF Annual Report starts with a Review of 2015, with highlights about TDF and LibreOffice, and a summary of financials and budget." LibreOffice saw two major and 12 minor releases that year earning €1.1 million in donations. The project now sports over 1000 contributors with 300 making commits in 2015.

This years report covered a long list of topics beginning with the City of Munich and Russian RusBITech joining The Document Foundation's Advisory Board. The migration team got a honorable mention before the diagram of the power structure. But the best portion was that dedicated to the releases. Two major releases were announced in 2015, 4.4 and 5.0, as well as 12 minor updates, 4.3.6 through 5.0.4.

In reviewing the major release elements, the report stated that version 4.4 brought an improved interface and initial OpenGL support for Windows. OpenGL was improved for Linux and an Firefox theme selector was introduced. LibreOffice 5.0 reflected lots more code clean-up with hundreds of lines of duplicate code removed as well as thousands of lines of redundant wrappers. The interface continued to evolve in 5.0 becoming more streamlined and logical while the import/export filters improved exponentially.

The Document Foundation received anywhere from 4300 to 7800 donations a day in 2015 totaling approximately €1,100,000. €282,000 was paid out for salaries and contracts and €140,000 was used to fund different projects and conferences. Total spending for the year was €518,000. Donations are always gratefully accepted by means of Paypal, credit cards, bitcoin, SPI, bank transfers, or Flattr. 

The Web stats for The Document Foundation for the year tally 244,416 page views from 183,450 unique visitors. The top ten visiting countries include the United States, Germany, UK, and France. The blogging apparatus was the main focus for improvements in 2015 with the other areas having already been pretty much completed by 2014.

TDF said LibreOffice enjoyed 300 committers in 2015. Stephan Bergman edged out Caolán McNamara as the top committer while Jay Phillips reported the most bugs. Jay Phillips is also included in the top committers list. Michael Meeks occupies both as well.

Be sure to check the full report which includes much more from notes from different projects, conference summaries, hackfest memories to meeting the team and the leadership structure.

In related news, Michael Meeks recently posted his report on the progress of LibreOffice 5.0 to 5.2 "under the hood."