The Document Foundation Thinking Beyond Desktop

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 15, 2011

During the LibreOffice Conference in Paris yesterday, The Document Foundation made several interesting announcements. Among them, a new online version of LibreOffice and a port for smartphones are planned for next year or 2013.

LibreOffice Online appears to be an online application of LibreOffice in the ilk of Microsoft 365 or Google Docs. The new browser-based app, developed by openSUSE's Michael Meeks, "is based on GTK+ framework and HTML5′s canvas." There isn't a lot more detail available right now, but a demo video is available here (requires WebM support).

There also appears to be a new Android and iOS port in the works as well. "The objective of bringing the office suite to iPads and Android tablets, and eventually smaller devices. The user interface work has yet to start in earnest but the bulk of the code is compiling." I suppose there might be demand for a full-blown office suite for 4 inch displays and on-screen keyboards.

See the full announcement for a few more tidbits.