The Linux Foundation Adds Seven New International Members

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 11, 2011

Here at OStatic, we've watched steadily as The Linux Foundation has added significant new members over the years. The organization has, in only  a few short years, become an important player in stewarding the Linux ecosystem toward an organized, united future. Now, with LinuxCon Europe coming up in Prague at the end of this month, The Linux Foundation has named seven European companies who are joining its ranks: Codethink, KeyPoint Technologies, Lanedo, Meinberg Funkuhren, Picochip, Puzzle ITC and RPA RusBITech. The announcement also contains an interesting bit of news about Linux implementation in Russia.

According to The Linux Foundation's announcement of its new members:

"RPA RusBITech is located in Russia where government support for Linux is strong. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has mandated that government will migrate to Linux and open source software by 2015. RPA RusBITech uses Linux and open source software to help manufacture complex training systems for a new generation of information and automation systems, decision support systems, domestic software general-purpose development and creation of information security and telecommunications."

We previously covered Putin's mandate that Russian government transition to Linux by 2015 in this post. Specifically, Putin wants to move away from current Microsoft-based systems and promote Linux throughout the Russian government. 

One other notable thing about The Linux Foundation's new members is that a number of them are hardware-centric technology players, and in some cases they may be interested in embedded Linux deployments.

"We are inspired by the support and collaboration from companies throughout the world. Today we're happy to welcome our newest members from Europe," said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer programs at The Linux Foundation. "Europe remains fertile ground where new technologies can grow through collaboration. We're looking forward to our first opportunity to work face-to-face with these companies at LinuxCon Europe."