The Linux Foundation and DeviceVM Make Relationship Official

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 21, 2009

Merely seconds after the doors opened at LinuxCon, the Linux Foundation announced its newest member -- the creators of the Splashtop instant-on platform, DeviceVM.

While Splashtop has been stealing hearts for nearly two years on roughly 200 models of laptops, motherboards, desktop systems and netbooks -- and DeviceVM already participates in the Moblin project in conjunction with kernel development efforts -- its Linux Foundation membership became official today.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, has previously hinted at his belief that DeviceVM and "instant-on" technology is (surreptitiously) bringing to pass the fabled Year of the Linux Desktop.

It would certainly seem that way -- DeviceVM estimates that by the end of 2010, 30% of PCs worldwide will ship with Splashtop -- and, by default, Linux -- pre-installed. While the Splashtop desktop is popping up more frequently on machines pre-assembled by leading system manufacturers and vendors, component manufacturers also ship the Linux-powered platform on some motherboard models available to individual system builders.