The Open Source Greatness of Linux

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 25, 2015

Ubuntu grabbed a large portion of the headlines today with Canonical's decision to abandon its paid software for desktops to concentrate on mobile devices. The Everyday Linux User reviewed Mageia 5 and has added "Release Model" to their database search options. Elsewhere, Danny Stieben said Linux is so great because it's Open Source and Munich is consdiering switching back to Linux on some machines because folks said there were no text editors, Skype support, or office suites installed. All this and more in today' Linux news round-up.

Canonical is dropping the Ubuntu Software Center, at least as it applies to paid desktop software. Developers and users complained that the site and the software was out of date as Canonical is investing more time and money in their mobile sector. Earlier this year, Canonical said Ubuntu is moving from .deb to Snappy packages and it's been obvious for years that Ubuntu is moving from desktops and local storage/apps to smartphones/ tablets with cloud storage. Canonical cites financial pressures as reasons for abandoning the paid desktop .debs. Chris Hoffman posted on the latest last week and it was picked up by several other sites today.

Nick Heath posted a story on Munich's switch to Linux last week saying, "Two influential politicians in a German city that ditched Microsoft in favour of Linux are agitating for a switch back to Windows." The letter referenced asked the mayor to consider removing Linux to install Windows and Office saying, "There are no programs for text editing, Skype, Office etc. installed and that prevents normal use." Other quotes of interest include "the lack of user permissions makes them of limited use" and "cumbersome to use." This story too has been proliferated through the tech media since Heath's original post. No formal response from the mayor has been announced as of yet.

Danny Stieben today wrote, "Why is Linux So Great? Because it's Open Source!" Stieben said that Open Source software brings "inherent security" in its distribution method, in that 'more eyes means less flaws' sense of the word. He also cites the freedom to make modification and redistribute, being accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, and highly capable as reasons for Open Source and Linux greatness.

In other news, ServerWatch today published a slideshow highlighting the top 10 Linux server distribution for 2015. Among their picks are Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE, and Debian. Hunter Banks at FOSSForce listed his "list of five super cool open source games." While he begins with Tux Racer that hasn't been updated in fifteen years and M.A.R.S abandoned since 2011, his other choices seem still under development. And finally, has updated their database search tool with the option for Release Model - meaning you can now choose between periodic fixed releases, semi-rolling, or rolling.


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