This Week's Fedora Delay, Sparky Review, and New SteamOS

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 11, 2014

Today in the Linux news feeds is the migration of Turin to Ubuntu. The Mukt scored an interview with Monty Widenius. Fedora 21 is delayed again by another week and SteamOS got updated. The Hectic Geek recently reviewed SparkyLinux 3.5 with Enlightenment 18 and Jack Wallen asks if "convergence" is hindering Ubuntu.

Jack Wallen today said, "Usually, around this time of year, anyone who blogs, talks, or tweets about Linux and Ubuntu is on fire with speculation and feature lists for the latest-greatest Ubuntu release." However, this time the silence is deafening. Wallen says it's strange "considering what is supposedly on the way from Canonical and Ubuntu." He refers to the Ubuntu phone. He says Mir and Unity 8 need to be operational by October and, as it looks now, probably ain't gonna happen. On top of that, the last several releases didn't really have any new "killer features" and Wallen supposes "Ubuntu developers are phoning it in until they can finally release Unity 8 and Mir." This is causing Ubuntu to lose traction with its users according to Wallen who also said, "Placing all your eggs in the basket named Mir could seriously backfire."

Fedora 21 has been delayed yet again and for a week, again. It was decided in this week's GO/NO GO Meeting where what looks like the same blocker bugs holding up the works. So, now, the Alpha is scheduled for September 23, the Beta is expected October 28, and the Final should be released December 2, 2014.

Hectic Geek today posted a review of SparkyLinux 3.5 with E18. It's based on Debian Testing offers several lightweight desktop options. Gayan the Geek said, "SparkyLinux 3.5 E18′ edition boots reasonably fast, very lightweight, comes with a lot of applications and is responsive. However I did come across few software related issues." He said it's gorgeous but not "a pure E18 experience." He suggests folks wait for Bodhi 3.

In other news:

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