Tips and Tricks for the Super-Useful iMacros Browser Extension

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 09, 2010

We've written before about iMacros, one of the most useful and flexible of all Firefox extensions. Especially if you perform tasks each day that involve repetition, such as opening up a set of web pages that you refer to all day, iMacros can save you time and trouble. An icon for it sits in your Firefox toolbar, and lets you record tasks, whether they are frequently performed web development tasks, or complex scripts. You can also use it for Super Bookmarks, allowing you to use your Bookmarks menu in Firefox to execute multi-step tasks. Since we last checked in on iMacros, iOpus software has added many resources for it, and you can also get the extension for Google Chrome.

Google has a page posted where you can get the iMacros extension for Chrome, and there is some useful discussion of it. Screenshots there show how it can make tasks in one of the fastest browsers even faster. You can also find discussion of iMacros for Chrome at iOpus' site, including demos and sample macros.

To get a general feel for how useful iMacros is, take a gander at some of the reviews found here, and some of the customer sucess stories here.

If you decide you're interested in getting going with iMacros using either Firefox or Chrome, our visual, step-by-step tour to creating your first macro functions as a good tutorial. Many people can't live without this extension, and it may be a great addition to your browsing arsenal.