Tux in Your Wallet? Proceeds From Penguin-clad Credit Card Benefit Open Source Community

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 28, 2009

There are very few reasons I'd sign on for YACC (not that YACC -- I'm talking about "Yet Another Credit Card"). The Linux Foundation is making my unwavering resolve on this front feel a little less resolute today.

The Linux Foundation is rolling out its Tux-adorned Visa Platinum Card. Through a partnership with CardPartner, Inc. and UMB Bank, the Foundation will receive $50 for each activated card and a percentage from every purchase made with the card. All of the proceeds from these cards will be used to create community technical events, as well as provide travel grants to open source innovators. Because no one wants a Tux-carrying card holder to rack up huge amounts of credit card debt in order to support these services, these proceeds will be combined with the funds raised from membership dues, Linux.com advertising, and event revenues.

I probably won't be signing on for another credit card, though Tux has a lot more personality than the orange Discover orb or a gray and blue bank logo. If it's something that you're in the market for, however, it's a relatively painless way to support Linux outreach. Okay, maybe not so painless once the monthly statement arrives, but if you're spending your hard earned cash on necessities such as food, clothing, eSATA cables and 9-pin serial port null modem adapters anyway, it's a good feeling to know that you're also helping a far-flung, but capable developer attend a conference.

The Linux Foundation Platinum Visa is presently only available in the United States, but the Foundation expects coverage to expand in the near future.

Using the Tux Visa, alas, won't earn you any Guru points on Linux.com, but I'm imagining that it could provide hours of entertainment (and potential job offers) when used at local electronics stores.