Two Slackware Derivatives Still Alive

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 08, 2012

Two Slackware derivates recently made it known that they are still alive and developing. One released their first new work in over three years. The other is an update to a release now a year old. AgiliaLinux is known to release once a year, but most thought Draco was pushing up daisies.

Draco GNU/Linux

Draco began as a Slackware re-spin, but has been independent since 2005. It aims to be a lightweight distribution for "i486 compatible computers, with focus on simplicity and flexibility." It features Xfce and touts a "distinct separation between the base system and third-party (provided by pkgsrc), the advantage of this approach is that the base system will work without third-party; And third-party applications are completely isolated from the base system, unable to break your system."

Draco 0.3.0 was released April 2008 and 0.3.1 followed in March 2009, but the project has been mostly silent since until's magic spider scrip detected a new developmental release today. Draco 0.4.0 Alpha 1 appeared on Draco's Google Code portal with Linux 2.6.32 and GCC 4.1.3.


AgiliaLinux is a Russian distribution also with Slackware in its family tree, although it is also independent now as well. Unfortunately for some, the Website is also in Russian, but one can see 8.1.0 (released yesterday) features Linux 3.5.5, GCC 4.5.2, Xorg X Server 1.12.4, KDE 4.9.2, GNOME 2.32.1, and Xfce 4.10. The distro can be booted in English, so get your copy here. has a review of 8.0.