Ubuntu 15.04 Alpha, Tanglu 2 Review, and More Red Hat

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 19, 2014

Just when you thought you couldn't get anymore Red Hat news, it once again was the talk of the techtown. An interest blog post from Hanno Böck today says quit using NTP if you care about security. Jack M. Germain discusses the work of Open Invention Network and Jamie Watson reviews Debian-derivative Tanglu 2. Dedoimedio.com shares their best distro of 2014 and Ubuntu 15.04 Alpha 1 was released.

Red Hat continued to dominate the headlines today after yesterday's encouraging financial report. Red Hat stock hit a 52-week high today of $70.11 and is currently trading after hours at $68.09. TheStreet has compiled a list of the latest ratings from analysts all approaching or hitting the $80 price target. Investors.com has a few more in the same neighborhood.

CNBC asked CEO Jim Whitehurst does Red Hat being Open Source make it more vulnerable to cyberattacks (as opposed to proprietary I suppose). Whitehurst answered, "I think open source itself is proving to be very safe. The simple analogy here is; are you safer in a crowded shopping mall or down a dark alley? Having the wisdom of the crowd is actually a powerful thing." Elsewhere, ComputerWeekly.com is running a piece on Red Hat's new Sky News gig and long-time Red Hat and Fedora developer Dave Jones is "moving on."

Larry Cafiero offered up his Linux predictions for 2015 today, but it sounded more like he was thinking April Fool's Day. One prediction has the Guardians Opposing systemD cracking into and blackmailing the studio responsible for "The Lennart Poettering Story." Another has Linux Mint going upscales and rebranding itself as "Linux Merlot," but then non-drinkers will get mad and fork it into "Linux Thin Mint." Perhaps the best one has Sugar on a Stick expanding into new areas like "Sugar on Whole Wheat with a side of chips." There's lots more, so be sure to check that out.

Dedoimedio.com said Ubuntu 14.04 was the best distro of the year and Fedora 20 came in fifth. Jamie Watson blogged today Tanglu 2.0 doesn't play well with UEFI but otherwise is an interesting alternative Debian Testing derivative. The Register covered the latest court decision in SCO versus IBM that arrived Monday.

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