Ubuntu 15.10 Released, Fedora 23 Delayed

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 23, 2015

Canonical announced the release of Ubuntu 15.10 and all its facets today. Early reviews say Ho hum, but in a good way. Fedora 23 has been delayed a week due to blocker bugs, decided in this evening's Go/No-Go meeting. Elsewhere, Clement Lefebvre released Cinnamon 2.8 for current Mint 17.2 users.

José Antonio Rey today announced the release of Ubuntu 15.10, codenamed Wily Werewolf. Reviewers say the change to Linux 4.2 is the biggest change in this otherwise "lackluster" release. Ubuntu Insights today published a couple of articles outlining new features. What's new for desktop and devices is primarily the demonstration of convergence, but also "the important windowed mode for Desktop users," new mobile apps, and "improved support for developers." What's new for the cloud and server includes things like "LXD, the machine container hypervisor, is now included by default, DPDK is a set of libraries and drivers for fast packet processing, and OpenStack Autopilot." Check out the release notes for more specifics. Downloads are at Ubuntu.com.

The next release of Ubuntu will be dubbed xenial xerus, which means friendly ground squirrel. Sam Varghese today wondered, but didn't answer, what will Ubuntu do after "Z." If I recall correctly, I seem to remember reading a discussion from several years ago, that I can't dig up now, where they would just start over at "A" again.

UnixMan Chris Jones reviewed today's release already and said:

Ubuntu 15.10 as a operating system for Review is pretty lackluster. There’s nothing new as such and there’s nothing we can really say that is going to change your opinion from its predecessor, 15.04. Therefore, we recommend you to upgrade either out of habit and according to your regular upgrade schedule rather than out of a specific necessity for a specific feature of this release. Because there is really nothing that could possibly differentiate it from the older, yet still very stable 15.04 release.

Fedora 23 has been delayed by a week according to a message sent out by Jan Kurik to the development announce mailing list. A few blockers were confirmed in this evening's Go/No-Go meeting, two having to do with black screen at log out. Another concerns "Gnutls Servers (eg: cockpit) fail fallback with Google Chrome 46." Fedora 23 was scheduled for release on October 27, but now it will probably be released on November 3, the roadmaop is yet to be updated. An additional Go/No-Go meeting has now been scheduled for next Thursday, October 29.

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