Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to be Codenamed Brilliant Broccoli

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 27, 2012

Benjamin Drung points out that Ubuntu will reach the letter Z with 17.04 and wondered in what direction would they go after. Would they just start at the beginning of the alphabet again and start with "A?" Turns out he overheard the response at the latest Ubuntu Developer Summit.

Drung posted on his blog that Shuttleworth addressed this very issue at UDS-R this year. He said, "At UDS-R in Copenhagen, Mark Shuttleworth jokingly said between Jono Bacon's introduction and Mark's keynote speech, that vegetables will be used once we run out of letters. He proposed the code name for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Brilliant Broccoli!"

It may have been a joke, but many ideas result from the jokes first used to define them. Perhaps they will go vegetables - or maybe cars. Fortunately, they have a few years to decide.

But here's some real content for those who get annoyed with joke articles or misleading titles:

Daniel Holbach has reported progress with the 13.04 Nexus7 arch and the team "is very close to releasing a first ‘raring' image." Many bugs have been squashed and the team is now honed in on the memory consumption issue - which he said will also benefit all versions of Ubuntu.

Holbach also said that "Automated Testing in Ubuntu has seen a huge boost in this cycle already. People following the raring-changes list closely will have seen numerous uploads across many parts of Ubuntu adding or improving tests." He also wants folks to know that contributing to Ubuntu is easier than ever. See his full post for lots of helpful links.

Rick Spencer has posted of the "Road to 14.04." It starts with a vision, if perhaps a Utopian vision. He said, "First, the quality will impeccable You will not even think about up-time The system will work close to perfectly. You will eagerly take updates and upgrades knowing that they will only make your system better. Applications will run smoothly and won't cause any system-wide problems."

Well, if you don't reach for the stars you'll never touch the Moon I guess. He continues, "Secondly, you will be able to get the freshest apps that you want." Finally, he envisions world domination, "by 14.04 Ubuntu will run everywhere. The same Ubuntu will be on your phone, your tablet, your netbook, your laptop, your workstation, you cloud server hosts, and the instances powering workloads in your public and private clouds. The same product with the same engineering running everywhere."

Spencer then lays out the basic framework for reaching those goals. See his full post for more interesting brainstorming.