Ubuntu at Suzuka, Game-Changing Frictional Games, and Linux for Privacy

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 21, 2014

Today in Linux news, Softpedia.com brings us another Ubuntu spotted-in-the-wild sighting. Hamish Wilson looks at Frictional Games' body of work and how it changed computer gaming. My Linux Rig talks to Charles Profitt about his Ubuntu setup and The New American says use Linux if you're "sick of surveillance."

Ubuntu seems to be the big winner again in tonight's headline search. First up, Softpedia.com spotted Ubuntu at the Suzuka circuit during a Formula 1 race earlier this month. FIA weatherman Andy Swan was conducting his weather report with the aid of a stock Ubuntu 12.04.

Charles Profitt is a bit of known quantity around Ubuntu as a member of the Ubuntu Community Council. My Linux Rig spoke to Profitt about his "Linux Setup." He is currently running Ubuntu 14.04 with Unity on his Lenovo T530 because he likes the way it works.

And in our final Ubuntu news of the evening, Phoronix.com is reporting that Ubuntu 16.04 may be the last with 32-bit support. Michael Larabel said Bryan Quigley is thinking of proposing just that. Quigley has set up a survey to gauge user demand according to Larabel.

The New American is running a story today saying that Linux and Open Source software may be the answer for those wishing to keep a lower profile on the Internet. They also recommend things like encryption and Tor as well, but Linux is "the first step." They list Ubuntu and Fedora as examples as well as provide links to the project.

Frictional Games is a great gaming company I've written of here a few times. I love their games, but they're just almost too scary for me. Hamish Wilson thinks they're pioneers on some levels and genius on others. He goes into detail why the early games succeeded in creating such a terrifying experience and how their techniques seemed to hearken back to the roots of terror by clever use of atmosphere and sound. In many ways, they've changed the horror/adventure/mystery genre forever with many other makers trying to copy their format in recent years. It's a nice read for fans of Frictional Games or even gaming in general.

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