Ubuntu Choice, Linux Movies, LibreOffice Documentation

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 10, 2016

The big story today was the decision by Ubuntu developers to discontinue providing AMD proprietary graphic drivers. Olivier Hallot has been appointed to lead the new LibreOffice documentation project and Jun Auza has a round-up of Hollywood movies that use Linux in some way. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is heading for Qualcomm ARM servers and Linux is back on PlayStations.

Phoronix.com was one of many covering Ubuntu newest announcement, that AMD fglrx / Catalyst Linux drivers would not be provided to its users anymore. They suggest users use the open source alternative. Michael Larabel reports that upon upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, your fglrx driver and the xorg.conf file are deleted. So, you may want to back up that file somewhere.

Tech blogger Jun Auza today published a round-up of popular Hollywood movies that use Linux. The post begins by highlighting Scooby-Doo, which used a large graphics farm running Linux to produce the realistic animation of that era. Shrek the Third required "1,000 desktops and more than 3,000 servers" running Linux to produce.

The big news yesterday I guess it was was the news that Linux can now be loaded onto PS4. The writer said the procedure sounds "imposing to all but the serious hacker." He added, "A user who gets through all of this would end up either with a PS4 running Gentoo on the 4.4 kernel, or (more likely for most users) a bricked machine."

In other tidbits, Clement Lefebvre hardened password policies in response to recent hacks. Jonathan Riddell expressed continued frustration with Canonical over its GPL and IP policies. Olivier Hallot has been named LibreOffice Documentation coordinator and Douglas DeMaio caught folks up on Tumbleweed this week. Red Hat is working with Qualcomm to bring RHEL to Qualcomm ARM server chips and "Microsoft needs Linux so it can be on the forefront of software defined networking."