Ubuntu Ire and Canonical IPO, Fedora 22 is a No-Go

by Ostatic Staff - May. 22, 2015

Mark Shuttleworth has been quoted as saying he's considering taking Canonical public. He needs to talk to "his team," but Shuttleworth thinks the time is just about right. Speaking of Canonical, Jack Wallen today said that poor little Canonical is just picked on by the Linux community and the Linux community is only hurting itself. On the other side of town, Fedora 22 is a No-Go tonight, but getting revisited tomorrow.

Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical founder, recently said he's thinking of putting Canonical up for its initial public offering. IPOs offer stock of a company for sale to the public and bring in an influx of capital to said company. A board is usually formed and the company loses a bit of power. They would have shareholders to answer to and cut in on profits. But Shuttleworth thinks his enterprise is on the cusp of being profitable, in fact, one division already is, according to Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. Canonical has expanded by leaps and bounds in the last five years or so - they've come a long way since being Debian with a brown wallpaper - with interest in a wide variety of products. Not all of Canonical's projects will be profitable, but it looks like some will. Would you buy stock in Canonical?

Speaking of Canonical, Jack Wallen today said that the Linux infighting with Canonical and Ubuntu is hurting the Linux community as a whole. He said that the animosity towards Canonical is only "because Canonical decided to develop its own tools." I'm not sure that's entirely accurate, but Wallen continued, "Linux has been at this same crossroad for a very long time -- a point where it will take a leadership willing to make the hard decisions in order to force Linux through a very thick (and brittle) ceiling. That's what Canonical is attempting to do." Wallen thinks we should all rally behind Canonical, the one Linux to rule them all.

Fedora 22 isn't delayed yet, but it's not cleared for release either.  Several blocker bugs were discussed at tonight's Final Go/No-Go meeting, one being that ext4 data corruption bug in Linux 4.0.2. It's believed to be fixed in kernel-4.0.4-301.fc22, so that'll probably be marked as fixed at Friday's special Go/No-Go meeting. Anaconda was having an issue resizing and creating partitions, but libblockdev-0.13-2.fc22 was sent up to address that. The remaining blocker is an ugly looking bug with the liveusb-creator first reported last November. Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow and Fedora 22 can be released on May 26 as scheduled.