Ubuntu Opens Portal to Rejected Community

by Ostatic Staff - May. 31, 2013

Ubuntu, or its managers, have snubbed their loyal users more times than I can even remember now, but they've more or less let it be known by their actions that they aren't interested in the community anymore. They have commercial aspirations and prospects now, but constantly reassure users that they're all about the community. Apparently their users aren't buying it. So, today brings just the latest attempt at wooing the community back under their rock.

It wasn't that long ago that the Brainstorm portal was shut down. User suggestions were no longer needed. The bruised and battered users fought back and Jono ran out to compose one of his songs, er, blog posts to try and soothe the savage breasts. Apparently, his pretty words aren't enough.

So, here we go with the latest effort to keep the hoards at bay. Community on ubuntu.com or http://community.ubuntu.com is the place to go. To quote the announcement, "It is the primary address for interested Ubuntu users to stay involved and get informed about what our community is doing."