Ubuntu, Red Hat, and the Good Samaritan

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 28, 2014

In today's Linux news are several Ubuntu topics ranging from a review to a Shuttleworth interview. In other news, Red Hat is still struggling on Wall Street, but there's cause for optimism. And finally, The Telegraph published a review of The Samaritan Paradox.

In a review today, Jesse Smith put a positive spin on his mixed experience with the recently released Ubuntu 14.04. He said, "Despite a few application crashes, most notably with Totem, most of my experiences with Ubuntu 14.04 were positive." Interestingly, he asked a volunteer from the audience with no real Linux experience what they thought of Unity, Ubuntu's graphical interface. The participant first said the desktop was "upside-down," but had no trouble operating it. Smith said Unity now feels like it has some polish to it, so " it will appeal to newcomers and it is probably powerful enough (and configurable enough) to appeal to more experienced users." The Manila Standard Today says 14.04 is the Smoothest Ubuntu yet.

In other Ubuntu news, Mark Shuttleworth (who needs no...) visited gigaom.com's "Structure Show this week to discuss Ubuntu’s role as the operating system of choice for cloud computing." Shuttleworth says they're overtaking Red Hat because they're better. So read that full story here, which also has a link to the show.

Also check out www.PCWorld.com's How Ubuntu can help a computer in distress.

Red Hat sank a tad today to $48.37 a share, down 2.54% according to www.techsonian.com. It appears they lost 18 more cents since closing as well, however, www.gurufocus.com thinks Red Hat is "Certain To Grow With Rising Linux Acceptance." They said, "The future is shining for Linux operating system with 80 percent of the world's largest enterprises planning to increase their use of Linux servers over the next five years" and "Red Hat has a solid plan to keep growing its business in the years ahead." They concluded that "Red Hat is making all the right moves."

Finally today, for something a little bit different, The Telegraph published a review of the adventure game The Samaritan Paradox, describing it as "a challenging, intelligent tale wrapped up in a neat adventure game package" and giving it 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewer Ashton Raze said the game is "a brave, bold story that isn't afraid to make strong points." Raze concludes, " It's well worth a play for anyone looking for an intelligently told, challenging story, or anyone who's a fan of adventure games which happily bring you back down to earth with a thud."

Bonus: Debian 7: 7.5 released