Unity 8 in Yak, Leap 42.2 Beta 3, Basic Security Tips

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 06, 2016

For those hoping Unity 8 on Mir would make it into upcoming Ubuntu 16.10 will be pleased to know it has. Phoronix and OMG!Ubuntu! have tested it. openSUSE 42.2 Beta 3 was announced today, a day ahead of schedule featuring the newly released Plasma 5.8. Elsewhere, Kevin Fenzi shared some good tips for enhanced security and Jack M. Germain test drove stable Apricity OS 7.2016 Aspen.

openSUSE 42.2 Beta 3 was announced today by Douglas DeMaio on the opensuse.org news portal. He said KDE has been upgraded to Plasma 5.8, the stable long term release announced just yesterday. Firefox was updated to 49 and Thunderbird to 45.3.0. This release also features Linux 4.7.5, GCC 6.0, and Xorg X Server 1.18.4. Release Candidate 1 is due October 18 followed by Release Candidate 2 on November 2. The Final is scheduled to be released November 16, 2016.

Unity 8 on Mir has made it into Ubuntu 16.10 as an alternative interface although still in the experimental stages for desktops. Michael Larabel said the interface is "quite bare." He added, "Only the system settings and Ubuntu web browser are prominently available. But when firing up the Ubuntu Web Browser, not only was it slow, but it wasn't rendering pages correctly." He noted other issues as well and said he'd be sticking with Unity 7 for now. OMG!Ubuntu! said the new interface and server won't work with all setups before listing their issues. They noted that X apps wouldn't work and the display was stuck at 768 x 576. Of course, it wasn't all bad.

Apricity OS has reached a stable release and today Jack Germain liked what he saw. He admired its ICE site-specific browsers reminiscent of smartphone apps as well as the unified desktop layout. He said its usability is one of its greatest assets followed closely by "its inviting nature for newcomers." He concluded, "Apricity OS is an excellent change-of-pace option both for Linux newcomers and hard-core Linux users. Its design is well tooled. Its performance is even more solid now that it has an official stable release."

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