Untangle Delivers Open Source Re-Router Gateway Software for Windows

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 17, 2008

Untangle has announced its new, open source Re-Router Technology, which is available for download now. If you're familiar with Untangle's previous open source gateway software for Linux, this is the same technology for Windows. It lets Windows desktops perform network gateway services such as blocking spam, spyware, viruses, adware and inappropriate websites for a whole network.

Untangle's Re-Router is primarily aimed at small businesses, and it doesn't call for the hardware infrastructure or network configuration that gateway solutions usually do. Through software-only methods, it allows Windows clients to appear as gateways to all systems on a network. Unlike standard, desktop security solutions, Re-Router is a way to keep unwanted content off all the computers on a network.

"Much like their larger counterparts, small companies are doing more business online and over the network," says a release from Untangle.  "Unfortunately, the same network that delivers Internet services also creates security threats like viruses, spyware, and spam.  With minimal budgets and in-house IT expertise, expensive security appliances just aren’t realistic."

You can find a number of case studies on how small businesses have used Untangle's technology here.