Updates from Mozilla: Snowl, a New Firebug, and Extensions for Firefox 3.1

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 13, 2009

While Mozilla had been targeting today for the code freeze on the third beta of the much-improved Firefox 3.1 browser, it doesn't look like it will make that milestone. Meanwhile, though, there are quite a few updates from the company. Snowl, the company's experiment focused on delivering an in-browser messaging client for Firefox, is out in a new version, there are also updates on the excellent Firebug Firefox extension, add-ons for Firefox 3.1 and more.

Snowl. ReadWriteWeb notes that the new version of Snowl lets you send Twitter messages right from the Snowl toolbar, but wishes the messaging client would integrate with more services, such as Facebook and Google Talk.

Firebug 1.3. We've written about Firebug before. It's a hugely popular debugger for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that sits within the Firefox browser. Version 1.3 of Firebug is now available, but note that this version will not be compatible with Firefox 3.1. For a new version that is, you need the Firebug 1.4 alpha, which is available here.

Extensions for Firefox 3.1. If you're using the Firefox 3.1 betas (I am, and the new version is much improved, and very fast), Mozilla has posted a call to arms for extension developers to get their add-ons to work with the new version, in addition to instructions on how to get extensions to work with 3.1 now.

Hopefully, Mozilla will deliver news on the code freeze for the third beta of Firefox 3.1 shortly.