Use Tails to Avoid Prying Eyes

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 16, 2014

It was a bit of a slow-news day today, however, has a bit of a summary of Tails in the context of avoiding certain prying eyes. posted an overview of Linux for its readers a few days ago saying, "It may not be widely known, but Linux did revolutionize computing." Red Hat has been hogging the headlines lately, but recently published a two-part interview with Harrish Pillay, Red Hat Global Head for Community Architecture and Leadership.

Popular Website today said Tails is the distribution Edward Snowden is using to avoid "the NSA's watchful eyes." As per their usual MO, engadget doesn't go into great detail, but they do offer helpful links for further reading. Of Tails they conclude, "the software is a big help to Snowden, journalists and others that want to keep their conversations under wraps with a minimum of effort."

Clarice Africa wrote up a two-part interview with Red Hat representative Harrish Pillay about Freeware and Open Source. Pillay is used to clear up "various misconceptions" on the topic. The first part concentrates primarily on how Open Source can help keep costs low for businesses and governments. In a short April 9 follow-up, Pillay tries to explain the difference between Freeware and Open Source.

The Deccan Herald posted a nice little overview of Linux the other day asking, "Have you ever wondered what happened to Linux?" They say:

Linux is the free software created through the open source development process that many technology enthusiasts had predicted would revolutionize the world of computing.

It may not be widely known, but Linux did revolutionize computing.

After a bit of clarification, the article briefs users on several popular distributions. Bodhi, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint are among the mentions. They conclude, "Linux is not for everyone. But if you enjoy choice and flexibility, you just may become hooked."