UT Update and the Futures of Fedora and KDE

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 26, 2014

Our top story tonight is the update on the progress of upcoming Unreal Tournament. GamingOnLinux has the details. In other news, Jos Poortvliet today explored "where the KDE community currently stands and where it is going." And finally, Libby Clark spoke to Fedora project lead Matthew Miller about Fedora's future.

GamingOnLinux is reporting that Unreal Tournament "is coming along." They link to a video of the developers discussing the latest and sum it up as well. They say many elements have been added and community members have been working on "awesome looking" characters, weapons, maps, and environments. Liam Dawe says it'll probably be playable soon.

Jos Poortvliet posted on The Dot today on "where the KDE community currently stands and where it is going." Basically, KDE is heading towards a one size fits all model, but Poortvliet says KDE is the only one who's been able to accomplish it. See his full post for all the details.

In that same vein, Matthew Miller discusses "what's next for Fedora" in an article by Libby Clark at Linux.com. She says, "Miller aims to bring more attention, and importance, to the operating system and, more specifically, the Fedora project by focusing more on its role as a platform for innovation in the cloud, and any other new technologies that may arise in the future." Beyond the tech, Miller says Fedora is hoping to be more inviting to newcomers in the future.

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