Warsow 2.0 Released and LinuxMint.com MIA

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 03, 2015

The release of Warsow 2.0 seemed to be the top story on this slow-news Wednesday. Several Websites covered the release that was 18 months in the making. Back in Linuxville, Linuxmint.com and friends have been off-line for a couple of days now, just as some other sites were reporting the release of 17.3. Elsewhere, Pavlo Rudyi shared his experiences with Wayland in Fedora Rawhide and Jack M. Germain posted the top 10 Open Source developments of 2015.

Warsow is a first-person shooter initially released on GOG.com in 2012 and might be compared to Xonotic (fork of Nexuiz). Version 2.0 was released Monday and several Websites were jumping up and down clapping. FreeGamer heralded the coming saying it is now almost completely free and Open Source with an exclamation point. LinuxG has an easy install guide for Ubuntu, Mint and derivatives. Rootgamer ran down some of the new features as seen in the announcement. Downloads are available at www.warsow.gg.

Some of the new and improved features include:

* New tutorial level for new players, 3 new awards
* 30 to 50% performance increase and memory demands reduced
* New "flipped" mode reverses or mirrors the level
* New and improved HUDs
* New in-game voicecomm menu
* New sounds for some weapons
* Team Domination removed
* Lots of new and improved eye candy and effects
* Lots of weapons tweaks
* 9 new languages added
* New quit confirmation dialog
* New Game mode descriptions
* Several new configuration options
* Linux version now uses SDL2
* ALT+TAB now works in Linux
* Switched over to dynamic linking in Linux
* Game now uses system keyboard layout in Linux

LinuxMint.com is still off-line at this hour and, according to Linuxbsdos.com, has been since Tuesday, December 1. Linuxmint.com and its forums now only display a site maintenance notice saying:

We’ll be back soon!

Sorry for the inconvenience. The Linux Mint website and the forums are not available at the moment.

The team is aware of the issue and working hard on fixing the situation.
We expect to be back tomorrow.

— The Linux Mint Team

Some other sites reported that Mint 17.3 had been released, but with the site down, the project can't announce it. Finid wrote 17.3 has been expected for a day or two, but a commenter said it was released a couple of days ago then linked to the community.linuxmint.com 17.3 ISOs. The upgrade path should appear in the Update Manager for current 17.x users he added. Finid advised waiting until it was officially announced as the downtime could be due to a security issue and the early ISOs may be compromised.  The forums returned this evening another commenter reported, but the main Website is still down with no word from the project why.

In other news:

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