Was Linus Behind LF Membership Changes?

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 26, 2016

Writer journalist Vox Day speculated the other day that Linus Torvalds himself may have been behind the Linux Foundation's elimination of individual memberships from their organization. FOSS Force is back with another poll and quiz today and Eric Hameleers released an updated Slackware Live. Debian update 8.3 was announced Saturday and several reviews warrant a mention.

Jim Lynch spotted a post by Vox Day saying the removal of individual memberships from Linux Foundation by-laws might be the work of Linus Torvalds himself. Vox suggested that Torvalds may have instituted the change to keep social justice warriors off the board, specifically Karen Sandler as Matthew Garrett said. Garrett thought this change was to keep those off the board that may tend to defend the GPL over corporate interest. Several have stated, as Vox reiterated, that it's not Sandler's GPL record that's the problem, it was her handling of GNOME while there. Vox said, "She bankrupted [the GNOME Foundation] in three years by devoting nearly 50 percent of the foundation's budget to a new Women's Outreach Program." Vox continued by saying SJWs and their Codes of Conduct pose an existential threat to free speech and free software.

AlienBob announced an updated Slackware Live Edition and with it he's introduced version numbers. This one is 0.4.0 leading up to stable 1.0 someday. He's added persistent data to live USB sticks and the option of safeguarding it in a LUKS-encrypted container file this release. He's also dressed up the boot screen but removed the NVIDIA proprietary drivers at the request of party-pooper Pat.

FOSS Force posted another poll and quiz the last couple of days. The poll asks: Which matters most to you: the distribution or the desktop. With only 311 votes so far, Both with 48.9% is clearly ahead.

Their new quiz is on Linux distribution knowledge. This one is a bit tougher than the last, but your humble correspondent still managed to score a 17/18 or 94.44%. I missed number eleven that asked which early distro offered the first "Live" CD. There were a couple other toughies too, but it was a lot of fun. Go test your knowledge at FOSS Force.

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