Wireshark 1.2 Released With a Bundle of New Features

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 26, 2009

Popular network protocol analyzer Wireshark released a major update recently that's chock full of new features. Wireshark 2.1.0 now has OpenStreetMap + GeoIP integration,  a 64-bit Windows installer, improved support for Mac OS X, and more.

Under development since 1998, Wireshark has been lauded as "one of the most important open source apps of all time" for making network and application troubleshooting more accessible to computer users and administrators. Since many businesses and educational institutions rely on Wireshark to optimize and secure their networks, there is even a certification course aimed at IT staffers.

Additional features and improvements include:

* Display filters now autocomplete.

* Support for the c-ares resolver library has been added.

* Many new protocol dissectors and capture file formats have been added.

* GeoIP database lookups.

* Improved Postscript(R) print output.

* Support for Pcap-ng, the next-generation capture file format.

* Support for process information correlation via IPFIX.

* The last used configuration profile is now saved.

* Support for IP packet comparison.

* Capinfos now shows the average packet rates

Check the release notes for a full list of changes.