With OpenStack Icehouse Here, Database-as-a-Service Tech Draws Attention

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 18, 2014

As we've been covering this week, Icehouse, the next major release of the OpenStack cloud platform is available now. Rackspace has made available a video on the development of Icehouse, and we previously covered it here. The OpenStack Foundation's Icehouse page, with source code and a press release, are here.

One notable thing about Icehouse is that it introduces a new database-as-a-service feature, focused on building and managing relational databases, called Trove. Trove is starting to get a lot of notice, and Tesora is among the companies with a stake in Trove's success. The company is focused on Database-as-a-Service technology.

The hope that Tesora and others have is that Trove will eventually become the OpenStack equivalent of Amazon RDS.  The Tesora Database Virtualization Engine, version 1.5, delivers adaptive multi-tenancy, elastic scale out and a Web-based intuitive UI with new features that add support for SQL views, a cost-based planner and official support for MariaDB. It can be used with OpenStack, Amazon Web services and other cloud platforms, as well as on premise.

"More and more business is done on the web and our customers find themselves trying to balance the growing demands of complex query processing, high concurrency and instantaneous response times," said Amrith Kumar, CTO of Tesora, in a statement. "At Tesora, we're committed to bringing the benefits of scale out DBaaS simplicity without forcing any customer code changes and making it easy to add database capacity as demand grows."

 Application developers today contend with demands from thousands of users who concurrently request access to customized online content. Such demands put stress on a company's database, and the players in the Database-as-a-Service space are focused on improving performance.

You can find out more about Database-as-a-Service technology here, including a discussion of how a New York-based mobile development company called Majestyk Apps is leveraging the Tesora Database Virtualization Engine to get their databases to scale and respond quickly. And, information on Trove and Database-as-a-Service technology running on OpenStack is available here