With Remix OS, Run Android Apps on Your PC

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 20, 2016

 Remix OS is grabbing lots of headlines as a modified version of Android that can run on almost any PC. The OS "remixes" Android into a more traditional operating system, and has applications running in windows, a Start menu, a taskbar, and more. It's available as a free download, and may especially appeal to people who have been speculating that Google might merge Android and Chrome OS.

You can find instructions for installing Remix OS on a computer here. Here are more details on it.

As PC World notes:

"This operating system was created by Jide Technology, a company formed by a trio of former Google employees. Last year, they showed off a Microsoft Surface Pro-like device running Remix OS. Now, they've made Remix OS available to download, and you can run it yourself on practically any computer or virtual machine.

Remix OS is based on Android-x86, an unofficial open-source project that ports Android to run on standard PC hardware. Remix OS adds a windowing system, turning that operating system into something that you might actually want to run on a PC.

Like typical Linux distributions, you can put Remix OS on a USB drive and boot from it, running entirely from that USB drive and even saving your settings and files to it. So you could take Remix OS everywhere—just like a Linux live system."

 According to Jide:

"With Remix OS for PC, you can also conveniently house Remix OS on a USB stick. That means you can literally bring your Remix experience wherever you go. With most computers in the world powered by x86 chipsets, you should have no trouble finding the right hardware to run Remix OS.

"Setup is simple and safe for your compatible PCs. Once you’ve completed the installation, you can boot up your PC using either Remix OS or whatever OS was natively installed on your machine. We’re hoping you’ll choose the former more often than the latter, but as mom always said “sharing is caring."

This looks like an interesting development for the Android community, and we've written about Android/desktop convergence before. It may be worth taking Remix OS for a spin.