Woo-hoo, Fedora 22

by Ostatic Staff - May. 26, 2015

Red Hat, Inc. on the behalf of the Fedora project today announced the release of Fedora 22 saying, "Fedora 22 once again delivers on the Fedora.next initiative, which established three distinct editions of Fedora – Fedora Cloud, Fedora Server, and Fedora Workstation. After extensive work in delivering the first distribution to embrace Fedora.next (Fedora 21), Fedora 22 marks a return to Fedora’s traditional six month release cadence."

The Cloud images support some of the latest and greatest trends such as "Cockpit, Docker, Kubernetes, and more." The Fedora 22 Atomic images are also available with "the Atomic command, a coherent entry point for managing hosts and containers. Fedora 22 also offers Vagrant boxes for the base Cloud edition and Atomic Host." Downloads are at GetFedora.org.

The Server "provides a highly-flexible platform for a multitude of server functions, from file servers to domain controllers." XFS file system is now default in Fedora 22 Server and a new Database role steamlines adminstration. Downloads for Fedora 22 Server are also at GetFedora.org.

Of the Workstation the announcement said, "Fedora 22 also delivers new features for developers and desktop users, emphasizing user interface enhancements and application improvements." These include new GNOME themes and notifications as well as DNF and lots of goodies for developers. The Workstation images are, you guessed it, at GetFedora.org. Other spins are here or here and the ARM images here. Current users may wish to upgrade. Full release notes are on the documentation hub. Don't forget the Installation Guide. Fedora 23 is said to be expected around Halloween!