Xandros Reportedly Buying Linspire

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 30, 2008

Practical Technology is reporting tonight that California-based Linux distributor Linspire is being bought by Canadian Linux vendor Xandros. Linspire CEO Larry Kettler alerted stockholders this afternoon of the decision to sell all of Linspire's assets, including the company's free version, Linspire, and its Click N' Run desktop installation platform.

According to Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols, though neither company is directly confirming the news, several sources have confirmed the news. " According to a source close to the acquisition, the approximately $1-million loan that Linspire had made to Xandros several years ago did not play a role in this transaction. That loan, the source said, had been settled for pennies on the dollar."

There seems to be little doubt, however, that Linspire has, in fact been sold. Former CEO, Kevin Carmony, known for being notoriously hostile to Linspire since leaving the company in 2007 told Vaughn-Nichols, "Before Linspire and Xandros try to spin this into something actually positive, I’d like to offer my Linspire shares to either Michael [Robertson] or Andy Typaldos (Xandros’ CEO) for $.10 a share. That’s 80% less than what it was worth just ten months ago. If this transaction happened at a good valuation, then I’m sure Michael or Andy will be all over my offer, right?”