XP Users, Fedora Community Hubs, and openSUSE 13.2

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 19, 2014

In the Linux news today is a new survey of small business owners finds that 11% will switch to Linux when XP is really really officially no longer supported. In other news, Fedora Chris Roberts speaks Fedora changes and Matthew Miller shares plans for the new Fedora "community hubs." And Jos Poortvliet kicked off the official development season for openSUSE 13.2.

OMG!Ubuntu! is reporting on a recent survey by Tech Pro Research that found that 11% of respondents are planning to switch to some variation of Linux once Redmond cuts the final XP lifeline remaining in April. Further, 37% plan to continue using XP without any future security updates. More on all that there.

Mathew Miller posted yesterday to the Fedora Magazine portal of the new Website designs in the works down in the dungeons of Red Hat. A mock-up was shared showing where the design teams may be heading. Miller says these plans include "an ambitious plan for a new community hub." Miller also posted a copy of his DevConf presentation which attempts to answer the nagging question Why Fedora.next? (part 1).

In related news, Chris Roberts posted today of the latest accepted changes to Fedora 21. These include the unified security covered last night, OpenCL support, and moving from cron to systemd timers. In sort of other related news today, the Triange Business Journal has another quote or two from Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst.

Jos Poortvliet blogged today that development for openSUSE 13.2 has officially started with the release of the first developmental milestone. He said "major changes include X, Y and Z." (I suppose he meant to edit that before clicking publish). He also reported that the release schedule has not been finished, but the team is shooting for a November release. This takes 13.2 beyond the normal developmental cycle timeline, but major infrastructure changes are afoot and the extra time is needed.

Some of the changes in the first milestone include:

* btrfs filesystem is default
* KDE Frameworks 5
* rpm 4.11.2, GCC 4.9, & Wayland 1.4
* New look for Yast