Your Favorite Browsers

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 01, 2011

A few months ago Firefox and Chrom(ium) were in the news a lot. Firefox was speeding up their release cycle and improving memory use and performance. The usual response was "Chrome this" and "Chrome that." One could have got the impression Chrome was being used more than Firefox. So, I did what I do - I ran a poll.

I asked users to my personal site in a poll running over the summer what was their favorite Web browser. To make things more interesting I also present the results from last year. Let's look at the top four:

Browser Summer 2011 Spring 2010
Firefox 56% 54%
Chrom(ium) 22% 13%
Konqueror 3% 3%
Opera 12% 14%

The result show that Firefox remains the most widely used Web browser. Indeed, Chrome does come in second and its use has increased over the year by 9% while Firefox increased only 2%. With Konqueror and Opera remaining pretty much stagnant as well, one might have to assume that other less popular browsers are declining in use, such as the now defunct Flock, Epiphany, Dillo, and possibly even Links/Lynx.

So, as interesting as the results may be, one overwhelming fact shows through: Firefox remains the most popularly used Web browser - at least among visitors to my little site.

Notes, total respondents in 2011 were 2813 across 11 choices. In 2010, 2133 answered with eight choices. Other was a choice in both.