Zen Web to Join Firefox OS Phone Players in India

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 13, 2014

Mozilla seems to be staying very focused on the low end of the smartphone market with its Firefox OS platform, despite the high-end evolution of iOS and Android. Recently, Firefox OS phones have been arriving in India, priced well under $50, and promising to put phones in the hands of users who have never had them before.

Now, Zen Mobile has announced it will arrive in the Firefox OS market in India with a low cost mobile phone available later this month.

Zen Mobile will actually be the fourth vendor to offer low priced phones based on Firefox OS in India. Its phone is expected to be priced at around $32.

Higher cost Firefox OS phones have been selling in Hungary, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Greece.  They have even sold in limited quantities on eBay in other regions, including the U.S., illustrating that there are interested users around the world.

Cloud FX, a phone built by Intex Technologies, went on sale a few weeks ago, priced at approximately $33.  It is seen in the photo here.

Sseveral languages are being supported on the Firefox OS phones arriving in India, including Hindi and Tamil. It's not clear whether Zen Mobile will also diversify across languages, but the company is serious about Firefox OS and the Indian market, where mobile phone usage is on the rise.