Zenoss 2.4 Released Today With New Network Monitoring Features

by Ostatic Staff - May. 06, 2009

Open source network management system Zenoss has released Zenoss version 2.4. It sports a number of new features, refreshed documentation, and more than 400 bugfixes to improve overall stability. In addition to the system's core monitoring capabilities, the Zenoss community has created over 70 plugins called ZenPacks that provide additional functionality, statistics, and data.

According to the Zenoss blog, new features include:

Set-Up Wizard – Zenoss Core now includes a guided setup to create users and to easily add devices to be monitored. The easy-to-use setup will prompt Zenoss users for authentication credentials for Windows and Linux/UNIX servers as well as community strings for SNMP devices.

SSH Monitoring Capabilities – Zenoss users can now securely access Linux and Unix servers via secure shell to pull performance metrics and develop extensions for deep reporting capabilities of server performance.

Improved Reporting – Zenoss now provides the ability to normalize data into common units. Users can now add aliases to data points and convert performance metrics to measures that are consistent across all devices.

Extended Monitoring Guide – A new extended monitoring guide provides detailed information on how to gather metrics and outlines best practices for managing IT infrastructure with Zenoss Core.

Zenoss Vice President of Community, Mark Hinkle, says the new set-up wizard streamlines discovering and bringing devices into the system so deployment is quick and painless, even for moderately complex systems. Hinkle also notes that a newly-added framework allows Linux and Unix users to easily create ZenPacks to access deep monitoring statistics for *NIX systems.

"With this release, we have [also] overhauled our documentation and added a new Extended Monitoring Guide that outlines how to monitor different types of infrastructure like Apache, LDAP, MySQL and much more in greater detail," says Hinkle. "We feel great about this release because of the huge amount of input from our community of users who tested, submitted bugs and proposed fixes to make Zenoss Core 2.4 our best release yet."